In today's turbulent environment, organizations must effectively implement aggressive business strategies.  These strategies must ensure customer satisfaction, address rapidly changing business needs, and contribute to employee success.


Business, community, and government leaders must deal with current and emerging challenges. These challenges do not remain static—today's strength may prove to be tomorrow's fatal flaw. Today’s leaders must: foster and maintain the sustainable support and assistance needed to create and implement a successful strategy; build and enhance a workforce flexible and resilient enough to flourish in a constantly changing environment; and develop a leadership base capable of creating and sustaining teams that are skilled, committed, confident, and aligned with the organization’s strategy. For these challenges Tradewinds Consulting, LLC partners with you to achieve improvements in leadership, strategy, and change.

The Manager as Leader by B. Keith Simerson and Michael Venn (published by Praeger, and imprint of ABC-CLIO) introduces the Contextual Leadership® Model, which identifies nine fundamental leadership roles and six common contexts in which leadership is exercised. The model guides readers toward matching their roles and actions to the particular context at hand; it also shows readers how to anticipate changes in context and adjust their roles and actions accordingly. Packed with illustrative examples, diagnostic tools, worksheets, and other interactive elements, and featuring an extensive listing of resources, The Manager as Leader is a hands-on guide to the art of leadership, whether you are an executive, manager, supervisor, or aspiring leader anywhere in the organization.

Our success has been recognized by ASTD (the American Society for Training and Development) with the award of an Excellence in Practice Citation for our work with the Manitowoc Company in developing their Accelerated Leadership Development Process.