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Dr. B.K. Simerson has more than two decades of experience working for and providing consultation to corporations, privately held companies, professional services firms, and government agencies. In addition to consulting, B.K. instructs in Northwestern University’s School of Education and Social Policy MSLOC program, where he focuses on strategic leadership, strategy formulation, strategic planning, and strategy execution.

A trusted business advisor to executives since mid-2001, B.K. has extensive experience: helping companies achieve short- and long-term business results by formulating strategies, connecting day-to-day actions to those strategies, strengthening leaders and their support systems, and helping them address intricate, complex, and multifaceted organizational issues; helping foreign and U.S. government agencies and branches of the U.S. military attain mission readiness and accomplishment.
Representative consulting engagements include:

  1. Strategic Planning: Facilitated strategic planning sessions for private- and public-sector leadership teams and foreign and U.S. government officials. Helped executive team members decide on how to position of the organization within the competitive landscape and decide on tactics to make that position a reality. Helped organizations formulate new strategies, convert existing strategies into action, and focus on actions that enable the organization to quickly achieve its strategic and financial targets. B.K.’s strategy advisement and consultation contributed to Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago being awarded the Excellence in Practice Award for Learning and Change Strategy from ASTD.
  2. Leadership Development: For multiple private- and public-sector organizations, conducted needs assessments and benchmarked competencies and capabilities of senior-level executives across multiple disciplines and functions and designed, developed, conducted, and evaluated leadership development programs, including the Manitowoc Company, Inc. Accelerated Leadership Development Program (ALDP), the recipient of the ASTD Excellence in Practice Citation.
  3. Change Management: For private- and public-sector organizations, designed, developed, facilitated, and led the implementation of comprehensive, organization-wide (including “flag to flag” change efforts in two branches of the military) change initiatives in organizations deploying new strategies, adopting new operating principles and practices, and installing new technology. These change initiatives included helping executives reach consensus on how to overcome silos of doubt and disagreement; manage resistance to change; and secure needed awareness, buy-in, and ownership.
  4. Executive Coaching: For multiple private-sector organizations, provided extensive, one-on-one executive coaching to C-level and senior executives on self-awareness, teaming, and leadership principles and concepts. Coached partners, principals, and senior staff of a global accounting and consulting firm through the behavioral, structural, and procedural changes required to succeed in executing a new approach to leading their business. In part due to B.K.’s executive coaching, Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago was awarded the Excellence in Practice Award for Learning and Change Strategy from ASTD.

B.K. has provided consultation, training, facilitation, and executive coaching to institutions of post-secondary education, branches of the U.S. military, foreign and U.S. government agencies, professional services firms, and to clients in the automotive, heavy construction, electronics, industrial supplies, heavy machinery, rubber, paper, medical devices, energy, food manufacturing and processing, engineering, business-to-business merchandising, chemical, theatrical production, product design and manufacturing, publishing, and hospitality industries.

B.K. has consulted throughout the United States and in Iraq, Canada, Argentina, Mexico, Italy, Germany, Bermuda, the UK, France, Poland, Singapore, and the Netherlands.

In addition to managing his own practice, B.K. is a founding partner of Tradewinds Consulting, LLC and is affiliated with Satori, Market Strategy Group, and St. Charles Consulting Group. Prior to Tradewinds, he had ten years of P&L responsibility leading three internal consulting organizations (Amoco Corporation, North Carolina Baptist Hospitals, and Grady Health System).

B.K. earned his Ed.D. with an emphasis in management and organizational development, from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. He earned an M.A. with emphasis in administration, supervision, and higher education, from Appalachian State University. He also has B.A. and A.A.S. degrees and specialty certifications.

B.K. is the co-author of Leading With Strategic Thinking (Wiley, 2015). He is the author of Strategic Planning: A Practical Guide to Strategy Formulation and Execution (ABC-CLIO, 2011). B.K. is also co-author of: The Manager as Leader (Praeger, 2006); Fired, Laid Off, Out of a Job: A Manual for Understanding, Coping, and Surviving (Greenwood, 2003); and Evaluating Police Management Development Programs (Praeger, 1990).

B.K. has: authored and co-authored dozens of journal (including HBR) articles; appeared on Business TV and been interviewed in major market (including NY) radio broadcasts; been featured in regional newspaper articles and syndicated newspaper columns; been featured and cited in international magazine publications. In addition to being available in hard copy, B.K.’s latest book is available on CD and at Audible.com (narrated by one of the actors of The Walking Dead series).