Leadership is the foundation of organizational success.

Leadership development is its cornerstone.


Given today’s tumultuous environment, organizations must capitalize on the strength of their leadership. The lack—or loss—of leadership capability can be devastating to an organization as can the hiring of new leaders who struggle to connect with their followers or who never reach their potential. An assessment of an organization’s core capabilities may reveal a “gap” in this mission-critical area—organizations cannot afford to ignore this gap.
Applying proven methodologies, tools, and techniques, we assess what leaders must do to ensure the success of the organization and its mission. We then work with key stakeholders to articulate the most effective and efficient systems to develop and put into action the necessary leadership actions. Finally, we help develop an action plan for integrating relevant practices to ensure a reliable and sustainable flow of leadership talent. This can lead to specific solutions such as:

Our success in this area was recently recognized by ASTD (the American Society for Training and Development) with the award of an Excellence in Practice Citation for our work with the Manitowoc Company in developing their Accelerated Leadership Development Process.